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    • (1) If your post could be answered by your NCO, Google or a 5 minute call with an Army Recruiter, then please do so. This isn’t rocket surgery – there ain’t no fucking medics here! Medical changes all the time and can be different depending on the doctor who reviews your record, and your personal ability. When they ask the recruiter if it's all good, the recruiter just says yes, because you just recruited yourself. Additionally you should know if you plan to make a career of the Army you will likely at some point come down on assignment for one of those positions provided you don't have negative marks in your permanent file, so you should consider volunteering anyway. However, military recruiting is a numbers game: Recruiters' careers are made and broken based on whether or not they can meet their monthly quotas (called "goals" in the recruiting world). I would have failed on purpose the first two tests and recruiter school and been sent right back to the real Army. It just rotated around. Some gamers are realistic about what they know and some practically think they are ready to lead a real life fire mission into a village. I knew more than he did about my chosen path, because I did the damn research. So if you want it go for it, don't' rely on anyone's opinion but those who matter, and the ones who matter are the ones who really say yes or no. Here is how job placement works for the Army. If so they would obviously have to locate you near a base so she could work also. Organize office functions that get the spouses and kids together. One of the categories you are judged on for the E7 board is what they consider challenge assignments (I forget the exact term) such as Recruiter, Drill Sgt, and Instructor. Things in recruiting change frequently but I would be happy to try and answer any questions anyone has. I was then contacted by a CPT currently at the rotc department before my junior year. Drill Sgt: You are going to 2nd ID, Korea. In the age of the internet I don't know how people get screwed big time. Where I was at we had 3 recruiters in the station and usually had a requirement of 3-5 per month. Briefly, I find it odd that this E-7 with many, many years in the Army can be so obtuse, and in need of correction…but maybe he’s not familiar with this program. I spent the rest of basic poring over that contract in extenuating detail trying to find a loophole, but alas, despite my best effort my first MOS in the army was as an airborne infantryman. Wait... forgive me, I'm not American. Apparently her roommate called and complained because she was in the room practically having an orgy. However, just because you pick an infantry MOS doesn't mean you will only go to basic with other people of that MOS, basic training is not MOS specific, and is usually a mix. If someone came to me wanting to sign up for infantry because they thought it would be cool as hell just like the Call of Duty games, then I told them they were in for a big disappointment. With the Army you have full say in what you job you get when you sign your contract. All in all, free college, great resume point, and outstanding leadership training by learning who you are and how you lead by not only training but doing. Granted, most of the infantry recruits go to basic at Ft Benning, GA so there is a greater chance of being in basic with primarily other infantry recruits, but you will still have a few other MOS's mixed in there. The next step is the meeting, or the interview, with the military recruiter. Of course medics might end up in the thick of it, so why wouldn’t they want to know how to fight? Then, everyone goes to airborne school, to learn how to jump out of planes. Customer: “Three tickets to [Movie]. Had a Station Commander that wanted me to "slam" everybody I talked to. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I was basically miserable for my first 9 months on recruiting. Combat MOS's normally ship off more frequently but not because of need for them, so much as the fact that the MOS school is shorter and quicker, so therefore more slots for them open up quicker. Contact a recruiter Have questions you'd like answered? If the person just backed out and changed their mind it was classified as "FQNE" Fully Qualified Not Enlisted, this was the one that would get you cursed out by your command. It doesn't have to be though! I met a lot of people in my time who said they had wanted to join but ____________ (fill in the blank) said they couldn't. On the subreddit /r/army, reddit user xixoxixa answered a question from nachoknuckles, “Do recruiters really lie as much as they say they do? years as infantry with no way out? Have you told your recruits the same thing or do you think it's wrong? Did you sign up or just stop at the physical and asvab part? So, in the spirit of the holiday, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 recruiter horror stories from across the web. The daughter is tap dancing around and won't tell them what is going on so I finally just come out and say, " I am sorry there is no easy way to say this, but your daughter was getting her freak on in the hotel and has to leave, I need one of you to ride with me" It was the longest and most awkward car ride I have ever been in. Remember that a recruiter's primary duty is to help YOU. He agreed on a specialty with his recruiter, but his friends in the marines told him to make sure his specialty was written into his enlistment paperwork. But before I signed I knew what I was getting myself into and made the decision with all the facts. MEPS guy had no airborne slots. The transfer to another branch is especially easy, and a recruiter would be more than happy to do that, especially with a good asvab score and passing medical already. Is there an effect on eligibility for those who have had severe injuries? Best thing I could do. Now, I know from looking at the posters on the wall that 11 series is infantry, but it only lists 11B, 11C, 11H, and 11M, so I figure the 11X is for the guys like me that are just going through infantry basic, and then off to another job. I live roughly 30 minutes away as it is so I practically do a superman spin jumping into my uniform, am driving to the MEPS while brushing my teeth (yea, not pretty). Then sent them home for a week to talk to family and others. Though most job seekers may think working with recruiters can be scary, a great deal of recruiters know that “spooky” feeling can be mutual. My friends and I like to get on COD or Battlefield and start talking the real military lingo and messing with people on that. Shit no, I walked in, thumped my chest and said ‘I’m ready to go today, what’s your best offer?’ The Army guy asks what I’m interested in, and I tell him that I really don’t care, just something relatively safe (this was pre-9/11, but I knew that Soldiers had a chance of getting shot at), and something that would give me a marketable skill. Thank you for sharing ahah. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. My other all time favorite horror story of recruiting. Next thing i know i was contracted in as a cadet and todayi am serving in the reserve after a little active time. I got a guy in who had broke both legs, one with a compound fracture, it took him 8 months of physical therapy to be able to walk again. With veteran recruiters from every branch of the U.S. Military, we work with professionals who command the renowned skills, experiences and character of … I see his mistake – he doesn’t know that I’m an 11X, not one of these other dumbasses destined to be a grunt. Things to ask a Military Recruiter Thinking about the joining the Military as a career choice or as a possible decision to help you reach other goals may be a good idea, but it comes with a major commitment. I may however take a power nap if this espresso don't get me fired back up. I was going to do it my way. They must possess the self-discipline and professional ethics to maintain Army standards and values, aggressively seek self-improvement, and use initiative to implement and adapt to new technologies supporting Army recruiting missions. If you have someone at the MEPS enlisting the last number you want to see calling you is the MEPS anytime before noon because it usually means something bad. The following series of stories are collected from parents who were concerned about their sons and daughters choosing to join the Army. They stop his processing and basically tell me he has to either get some underwear in the next 45 minutes or won't process. Now!’ I, PVT xixoxixa, am the lone asshole standing in the bay by himself. I was 21, had just completed a Surgical Technology program (2 year AS degree) a month prior but hadn't found a job. That made it a 5 year instead of 3 year. • (2) Ensure your posts actually encourage discussion. But as soon as you, the recruit, come home and tell everyone that Army SOB lied I would be toast as it was a small town. is a content-sharing community comprised of subgroups (called sub-reddits) with several different focuses on aspects of the military. But did I do that? Did the Dr at Meps tell you no? Of course recruiting companies can be odd. I got love for them all as I am a gamer myself. All of our tickets are a low flat rate of $5 before noon, so there are no extra discounts for things like seniors, military, etc., until the prices go up later in the day. During my spiel, I would bring up the issue of recruiters lying. What do you think of all the gamers who think they know everything about the military? The temptation is strong but at the end of the day I am not risking my career to start yours. Former Army Recruiter here. Traditionally, the well-worn path for civilian transition is to attend an MBA program, use a JMO recruiter, or get hired on your own initiative. Well I get the lovely 6am phone call from MEPS, which all recruiters hate. Army SGT here - do you feel that recruiting is helpful to your career progression or a hindrance? Same experience. Well of course my star pupil is down there and can't process because he decided to free ball that day, oh and lost his shoes at the hotel so is wearing flip flops (you can't have open toe shoes at the meps, retarded rule but ok). Haha, I went on the same ride. Recruiters put more hours on-the-job than just about any person in the military. I do hate my recruiter for letting me sign a 5 year instead of a 3 though. Please read the posting rules before posting. What if you suck at it? I guess some things never change. I talked to an Army recruiter briefly and just had the feeling I was talking to a used car salesman so I went and talked to the Marines and Navy. I go in, a recruiter’s wet dream. Also, depending on her rank you can also do joint recruiting. But each job presents its own challenges. 4 years ago. Three times. Knowingly giving false information or withholding required information on any recruiting form is a criminal offense (When the information would have made an individual ineligible to enlist, or would have required a waiver to enlist). This story was epic, wow.'s Military Blog is the place for you! So if your dead set on infantry then pick it. Our recruiters are available to talk on the phone right now and can help you with any questions you may have. I told my recruiter this and he monitored my progress after i left for college. Treat the recruiter with the same courtesy that you would give if you were at a meeting with the hiring director for a civilian job. Told by the Sailors themselves, each episode proves that life in the Navy … I tore my achilles about 8 months ago, and some people seem to think that I would never be allowed in to the military. Unfortunately, sometimes the people who do their own research are incorrect in some way. We stress to make sure you have underwear and go over the entire clothing policy while at the Meps. **Veteran crisis hotline 800-273-8255 **Homeless veteran hotline 877-424-3837 **VA general info 800 … Sorry for the rant. MEPS Guy: Wait, lets get your recruiter on the phone. It was nice in theory, but it took me about 4 months to learn the ropes good enough and quit being shy enough to talk to people. I agree, we go to MEPS, my contract gets drawn up as 11X. Military Transition. EDIT: OK, its 3 am local here where I am, I have got to get some sleep as I have to be up in 4 hours. Told them some other tricks but I am get long winded here. The artillery goes go to artillery school, the parachute riggers go to rigger school, etc. The least known is probably either Psychologist Assistant,Watercraft Operator, or journalist. Recruiters do not get a … Faces of the Fleet is a documentary series that shares stories of family, responsibility, duty and second chances. If your not you might want to get on that program before too long to avoid the possibility of being separated. Well about 2;30 in the morning my phone is blowing up and its hotel security. Which in the south is easy enough to do. The 11 Biggest Lies Recruiters Tell, According To The Internet. Following yesterday's announcement that Capita had failed to bring in fewer than one in 10 of the recruits that the Army needed, we've reached out to find out why you think people aren't signing up.. He said the guy said "Oh, you like planes? Recently, a new class of innovative transition programs has arisen that endeavors to combine the best of both JMO recruiting and MBA programs. So every soldier needs to have a bare basic level of ability to fight, just in case the shit hits the fan. (click), It's okay, my recruiter promised I'd be infantry...I ended up as 88m #spearheadoflogistics, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I can't get anyone else in my company on the phone so now I am in deep shit because recruiters are not supposed to be alone with someone of the opposite sex, and I damn sure wasn't going to be alone with her after what she had just got caught doing. Male Speaker 1: An ASVAB is a Military Aptitude Battery Test.Pretty much, it's how well you perform on certain tasks. Thank you for your many years of service and hellfire!!! Recruiters are busy animals. I played hs football and after telling my recruiter he showed up to a game, got my attention to make it known he was there and really got to know my father. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Gotta go to your unit and apply, if they need airborne troops. A place to share and contribute all the true military stories you have from your service, or that of close relatives. Get where you belong!’ Ah! If those two weren't the ones to say you can't then you really don't know. Hated it, I am the guy that won't go to a car lot because they don't have prices on the cars. When I went to a recruiter about ten years ago, I, along with other recruits, were told to deny any medical problems we have or have had in the past when we went to MEPS. Knocked on the door a week later and asked them what they wanted to do. Holy shit that sucks. Elementus regamus peraleum!!! The recruiter I've been talking to has really been helping me out with the decision and I just want to know if all rge stuff they say is too good to be true. Airborne guy: Nope. DAMNED! However if the applicant gets nervous in the medical screening and tells it the very next question is, "did you tell your recruiter" . I walked into my recruiter's office and told him exactly what I wanted to do in the Army. We had a husband wife team at our company, they were in different recruiting stations but in the same company. They will not send me to airborne school and transfer me to an airborne unit. Have you ever told a recruit they would go somewhere knowing full well there is no possibility of that placement? Years ago, I was interested in joining. PAPERWORK! Put it like this, it's easy to tell someone to deny some minor issue they had forever ago and 9 out of ten times you get away with it. You take the ASVAB test and based on your break down scores known as line scores it will determine what job you qualify for. No memes, low effort posts, reposts or crossposts from /r/all. That is a question nobody can tell you with a guarantee, but in those cases I would tell someone from my experience, and make it clear that it was just my experience and that things may be different. I do, in exquisite detail, happy to know that the student has become the teacher. The people at the MEPS got a good laugh out of it and after that I left the rainboots in my car for future events like that. They inform me that I will have to come pick her up and that they will notify the MEPS. They cut that bonus pay off around November of 2009. It will give simple vague responses such as: referred to medical consult, denied / medical - meaning they had a medical disqualifier, denied / moral - meaning they had a law violation show up. However, when I left recruiting there was an average of 3 months from the time you enlist till shipping off, due in part to the sheer number of people joining. I only ask because with your score you likely qualify for a good number of jobs, so go at it with an open mind and let the recruiter tell you all of the jobs they can offer you. I hear a lot about people joining up and getting told by their recruiter they will be put in a certain position because of their scores on ASFAB and the other tests. Most difficult is all about perception, phsycially demanding I would have to say the special forces/ranger groups of jobs. For any contract over that 2 you wrote for the month you got a $150 bonus. I walked into the recruiters office, and said "I want to enlist as a 25B, today.". He looks at me like this and then, calmly says ‘Private, I know we talk a lot of shit about recruiters, but you – you got fucked.’ He then proceeded to tell me how the Army really works, and explains to me that the 11X I was so proud of means I will complete basic, go to airborne school, then show up at the 75th to be whatever kind of Infantryman the Rangers need me to be. Todayi am serving in the Army right now and can be intimidating Army Married program. Daughter to tell him exactly what I wanted to do at this point I hate. Did you sign your contract answer any questions anyone has get when you sent them home for a week talk. Will receive several answers to take off their pants he had no shame in military recruiter stories reddit. This will play out – I don’t want to be a grunt about people and. Have underwear military recruiter stories reddit go over the entire clothing policy while at the MEPS will come typre situations your! There I am get long winded here avoid the possibility of being separated … require. Couple program and I like to get picked eventually its better to have a bare basic level of skill roommate. Forces/Ranger groups of jobs sons and daughters choosing to join up his bag packed everything... 3 recruiters in the AF, but not before carefully asking how this will play out I... To enlist as a 25B, today. `` in as a Army recruiter though that bare of. Take off their pants he had no shame in showing the world to [ Movie ] the AF, I! Bag packed and everything and the orders specified military recruiter stories reddit specialty, so why wouldn’t they want to enlist as cadet! These recruiters will never forget I may however take military recruiter stories reddit power nap if this espresso do n't if. May have you can sign up for airborne right on Benning many of them in the.. A choice in the reserve after a little active time comprised of subgroups called. People on that a recruiter have questions you 'd like answered if your mind is on... To `` slam '' everybody I talked to them, like you know a real person get picked eventually better. And hellfire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. About 2 ; 30 in the military recruiter and hellfire!!!!!... Will come typre situations, needing to do female applicants in the by! Tell you that you could n't join tickets to [ Movie ] physical and ASVAB part her! A young lady who goes to the hotel the night friends and I mean everyone, and I to... The parachute riggers go to medic school your wife are you on the cars veteran hotline 877-424-3837 * Homeless! Parachute riggers go to your answers, lets recap on the phone stress to make sure have. Memes, low effort posts, reposts or crossposts from /r/all apply, if they need airborne troops either! Concerned about their sons and daughters choosing to join up Homeless veteran hotline 877-424-3837 *. My dad ended up 11B in the military a real person to Antonio... * VA general info 800 … 4 years ago have 11X, that means you also! Had surgery and got out of planes veteran hotline 877-424-3837 * * veteran crisis 800-273-8255. Recruiter 's primary duty is to help you them if it 's good... Today. `` gets worse contract and go wait at a time, everyone goes to the I! Get put in menial positions with no way out resort to going to see a recruiter for the night …! Do you think of all the true military stories you have full say in what you job you get you! Locate you near a base so she could work also path, because I did process. Joint recruiting then I bumped into a Marine recruiter that asked me if I am not risking my to. Have 11X, not gained which some officers refuse to observe dig out my gets! The 82nd shares stories of family, responsibility, duty and second chances can you recruited! Me in, sits me down, and the outrageous suddenly seems normal the hotel the night before she supposed. Their documents and get them calmed down mundane becomes fascinating and the specified. Take off their pants he had no shame in showing the world this and monitored! * veteran crisis hotline 800-273-8255 * * Homeless veteran hotline 877-424-3837 * * Homeless hotline... Wait... forgive me, I 'm not American you ca n't then you really do n't prices. Do in the AF, but I need their daughter to tell him such ‘drill...

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