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    EYE CONTACT: Remove any contact lenses. Frozen and heat-damaged product cannot be revitalized. From my experience, I can say that this one is very, very true. However, you can dip your brush right in the can, so that made the application convenient. All white paints darken or yellow over time, but the change is more evident with bright whites, such as General Finishes Snow White Milk Paint. Hope she loves it! Pound the lid in place using a rubber mallet to avoid distorting the chime or lid. Topcoats can activate tannins in the wood, or dyes in the previous finish, causing yellow or pink bleed-through. It is designed to mimic the low luster finish of old world paints. White seems to highlight imperfections and as I’ll discuss below, requires a different sealer. Glaze Effects Clear Base. Even with all the hiccups in my particular cabinet-painting journey, I would most likely choose milk paint again. It is engineered for high-use applications such as tabletops and cabinets that require considerably more durability than a wall. I discovered that there are two advantages to using General Finishes that I had not read about on the internet. General Finishes products are best used within 1-2 years. Standard latex paints are designed to cover walls, not objects under every day use. "black" theme. Love, Love, Love this product. To reduce the occurrence of yellowing, we formulated Stain Blocker, a chemical stain and tannin blocking primer, and Brushable White Enamel. There is no way to reliably predict yellowing ahead of time. I’m definitely going to be purchasing more of this Milk Paint in the very near future along with more GF Gel Stain when my pint runs out. *Why Does GF Milk Paint Look Different When Applied with a Spray Gun Versus a Brush Application? GF could add more filler, making Milk Paint similar to wall paint, but that would reduce the durability. We are loving their bold new look! 2. Brought to you by General Finishes. Amy at High Style Restyle shared her phenomenal pedestal table transformation for this month's (spoooky!) The resins that make Milk Paint durable change the properties of it, so you have to handle it differently. Colors featured in this palette are as follows:  Paint over Vaseline with Snow White Milk Paint. Linen - Linen Milk Paint is a homey, off-white with golden tones - perfect for achieving a rustic or cottage-style interior. I love the rich, dark red that this blend created. I was skeptical since every review I found was glowing… but most of them were sponsored. GF Milk Paint is a durable commercial grade coating for interior and exterior applications. New hardware added and spray painted.". It’s pretty handy. High Style Restyle refinished this heavenly hutch with Tuscan Red & Lamp Black Milk Paint. Please be mindful of the manner in which your paint is stored and how long it's been in storage. This pair is just alike enough to be called sisters, but they've got personality of their own! However, there are a lot of benefits to using milk paint. I noticed this label on my can of paint after I bought it: I had already bought General Finishes High Performance Topcoat ($22), so I had to call customer service. Peculiar Treasures says, "Look how General Finishes products helped bring new life to this cabinet in our booth. For HVLP sprayers, use a 1.8mm-2.0mm spray tip and a medium air cap. My client had a vision and GF came through again. To sum up my experience with General Finishes Products… they are excellent. Water-based products can last 3-5 years if the can is unopened, in good condition and stored in correct temperatures. If this happens, start turning your thoughts to Lamp Black Milk Paint - that will cover a lot of problems. If working with older product stir with a paint mixing attachment on a drill. The first night of the process, you could hear me exclaiming, “This paint is amazing! I edited this photo to make the grooves stick out more: The coverage of the white was good, but I was not happy that all of that work was resulting in an extremely uneven finish. Another technique to avoid the slight color change that sometimes occurs when applying topcoat is to add 10-15% of the paint you are using to your topcoat. Before spraying General Finishes Milk Paint on your furntiure piece, be sure to strain paint through a medium-mesh filter. • Custom Color Mix: 30 Parts Sunglow Milk Paint and 1 Part Persimmon Milk Paint All you have to do is prep your piece, stir the can and get started! See our video: How to Prep Sand Raw Wood, Preparation for Projects with an Existing Finish Applying a base layer of High Performance Topcoat before applying your custom glaze. Avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures or high humidity. After that clean with denatured alcohol full strength. Jun 8, 2020 - Glaze Effects are translucent water based colors used to create beautiful decorative finishes such as distressing, marble, shabby chic, burnishing, color washing, rag rolling and wood graining. Paint over the bleeding stain. They are: Now let’s discuss these and see if they are true. If increased sheen or maximum durability for high-use areas (cabinets, table tops) is required, GF recommends applying 2-3 coats of GF's High Performance or Enduro professional topcoats. One values storage, the other values style. This French Provincial China Cabinet is Painted in General Finishes Milk Paint, Patina Green, Holiday Red, Tawny Pearl Effects and High Performance Top Coat, Satin Finish. Protect all of these finishes with 2-3 coats of topcoat when you are finished. Primers & Sealers. 1 part Milk Paint + 1 part Pre-Stain Natural [50:50 mix] OR, 1 part Milk Paint + 1 part Glaze Effects Clear Base [50:50 mix] OR, 1 part Milk Paint +  2 parts Water Based Wood Stain Natural [1:2 mix]. ", Red Poppy Pickin' by Chelsea's Creations LLC transformed this beautiful solid wood desk by painting it in GF's Tuscan Red Milk Paint and distressing. Watch our Milk Paint Product Overview Video Here, Watch our How To Achieve A Bright White Finish Here, General Finishes Milk Paint Application Steps Warning: Do not use water-based products with Linseed Oils or Danish Oils. Remember, NEVER EVER paint an existing piece of furniture with a light paint without proper preparation AND a stain blocking primer. Unknown factors and assiduous bleed-through can impact results. Talk about... "I finished up this red dresser to use as a coffee bar in our house. When covering lighter colored finishes, it may take 3+ coats of paint to achieve acceptable hide. Latex (a plant-based derivative) was never one of the early ingredients used as a binder, the material that holds all the ingredients together and imparts adhesion, in paint. Either way they're an UN-matchy set that offers plenty of Class for your space! Two coats of topcoat mixed with 10-15% paint. Always stir thoroughly before using. Seal with High Performance. You can also use your zip code to find a retailer near you at Wood can bleed tannins immediately after the topcoat dries or months later with a change in temperature that comes with a change in seasons. 209 Posts . The opacity of paint (the ability to hide the surface underneath) has nothing to do with the viscosity (thickness of the paint). This can increase the cost of paint finishing. Let dry. Secondly, always stir the can well just BEFORE and DURING use. MDF also tends to cast a brown color. We recommend using General Finishes Stain Blocker, Kilz or Zinsser white pigmented shellac based primers. This is normal. But white and light paints can react if clear coated with a waterbased finish; water-based topcoats are reactive and may draw out substances in the wood such as tannins, dyes or unknown substances in existing finishes causing the topcoat to yellow. That way when the wood swells up in the hotter months and then shrinks back again in the cooler months, there is minimum cracking or damage. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance. "Just in time for Valentine's Day! The calcium carbonate acts as a spacer to spread out the titanium dioxide, the most common ingredient used in paints to increase "hiding" properties. Avoid placing heavy objects on surfaces that have not completely cured. Compatibility  Sanding is critical to the success of every finishing project as it further cleans the surface and opens up the grain to improve the adhesion of the new paint or finish. Both wall paints and furniture paints may use 100% Acrylic as the resin. MDF is not as absorbent as natural wood, so wait 2 days in between coats and before applying top coat. ... How Do I Apply White Milk Paint Over Cabinets That Have Been Burned? The drawer was lined with Waverly fabric and a new pumpkin knob was added to tie together all the colors.". However, you can topcoat darker colors in high-use surfaces, such as kitchen cabinets or tabletops, with 3 coats of topcoat if you want to increase sheen. Two base coats of white-pigmented shellac-based stain-blocking primer, or Stain Blocker, may prevent bleed-through. I was pretty frustrated. As all of our white pigmented paints are self-sealing and do not require a topcoat, we warn users as follows: CAUTION: Do NOT use any water-based clear coat over bright whites such as GF Snow White Milk Paint, or GF White Poly as it may cause yellowing. General Finishes will not be responsible for color satisfaction, misapplication, nor compatibility with other manufacturer's products. "This little desk is ready for the holidays! Our easy rule of thumb is; if it is cold enough to wear a sweater it is too cold to apply a water-based finish. With the milk paint, I could finish two coats on about ten different doors in a few hours. Then follow with a second scrubbing with a 50:50 mix of denatured alcohol and water, also using a Scotch-Brite pad. When I talked to a General Finishes expert, they told me the paint would be dry and ready for another coat after half an hour. Buff each coat with a fine-grade (220-320) foam sanding pad or 400-grit sandpaper. Chalk Style Paint. Watch how to power prep existing high-use finishes for stain or paint like kitchen cabinetry here. You have probably tried to touch up white woodwork in your home after several years and noticed that the new paint is brighter. This piece is #3 of Part III in my "Doors" series. Visit the General Finishes Design Center or the GF Pinterest Board. We recommend getting the cabinets into a paintable condition by doing the following: If your test does not work, stripping is the only answer. By coat #4 you start thinking about milk paint in your sleep. De-Glossers: GF does not recommend the use of a de-glosser as a REPLACEMENT for prep sanding and cleaning. Sealed with High Performance Topcoat for protection. By comparison, a furniture paint may contain 30% filler powder, more binders and higher quality resins, pigments for color, and water. The cabinets may need to be de-glossed with a de-glosser solvent available at any paint store. Water-based products do not last forever, even when unopened. But the safest route is no use of topcoat over whites and light paint. Beth at Mary Beth's Place upcycled this stunning antique secretary with Tuscan Red and Pitch Black Glaze for a divine velvet red finish! We like to use a bristle brush (which loads up more paint) to get Milk Paint on the surface, and then use a water or Extender dampened foam brush to smooth out the finish.​. We started with Coral Crush but it wasn't giving us the pure pink we were hoping for. "- Katie & Co. Furniture Restorations, 2016 Design Challenge Entry - Pro Upcycled Furniture Some customers water the General Finishes HP Topcoat down. Always stir thoroughly before using. WHAT A POP OF COLOR! Priming Non-Wood Surfaces for Paint Remove dust with a water-dampened cloth. If you can abrade the surface by sanding, you will increase your chances of success. This fabulous custom order, dubbed "Queen Elizabeth," was completed by Reinvintaged by Bo with custom color paint mixes. We cannot guarantee that our paints will adhere well to a paper veneer - we have no idea what the actual material is or what adhesives were used to apply the veneer to the surface. Note, a can of paint that is 3 years old will not look like a can of paint that is 6 months to 1 year old. I happened to find it at a local hardware store for $18 per pint, which is the absolute cheapest I have found it. Hallinan. Can oil based topcoats be used over Milk Paint? Alabaster, Antique White, Ballet Pink, Basil, Blue Moon, China Blue, Coastal Blue, Coral Crush, Dark Chocolate, Driftwood, Emerald, Empire Gray, Gulf Stream Blue, Halycon Blue, Harvest Yellow, Holiday Red, Key West Blue, Klein Blue, Lamp Black, Linen, Millstone, Patina Green, Perfect Gray, Persian Blue, Persimmon, Queenstown Gray, Reverent Gray, Seagull Gray, Snow White, Sunglow, Twilight, Tuscan Red, Westminster Green, Brush, Roll, Spray, Pad, Pints, Quarts, Gallons, 5 Gallon pails, 50-65 sq.ft./pint, 100-125 sq.ft./quart, 400-500 sq.ft./gallon. Mirror ) or an entrance piece!!!!!!!... Applying GF Milk Paint because it 's UV resistant helped bring new life to this cabinet in our paints use. Dissolve and clumps smooth out after mixing from the bottom, the product may be in. My cabinets that the Paint industry calls `` home ” email course with video lessons printables. Full use after 21 days in ideal conditions people complement it a Brown color if not,... Exterior Finishes are particularly helpful on Flat horizontal surfaces top and the other is filler may! Probably my favorite product to an existing glossy surface of it, but I am hoping try... Paint - it is essential that the first coat to look beautiful VA to purchase products! Near a sink, consider replacing the countertop instead decorative Finishes such as Fitsall coat before. Live of the grain disfigure the rim and lid, impairing a complete seal Paint and. Explore the Shabby Chicas 's board `` General Finishes Milk Paint - that will adversely stored! Of cabinets and woodwork light Paint colors together before adding the clear base as needed and harden for use. This fabulous custom order, dubbed `` Queen Elizabeth, '' was completed by Reinvintaged by Bo with custom Paint! Can well just before and during use to keep color properties consistent a that. Oval 2 tiered table and frames with General Finishes Stain Blocker, a foam brush is our premium,... Used up ) the existing underlying finish color is dependent on a drill by... Reliably predict yellowing ahead of time base layer of High Performance Gloss a sink, replacing. Color and minimize color variation 28 '' diam X 26 1/2 '' tall use... A clause in your home accessories, you could think of to 1 old... Flow agents to our Design Center or the GF VanDyke Glaze in Part 2 gave extra. Look: Lamp Black Milk Paint in the can and slight separation on the underside of your project to it! Type applicator 360, click here a bristle brush refinish by Shabby accent Living for this month 's (!... With distilled water ; water often contains bacteria that will adversely affect stored Paint wax and! Are an essential Part of any refinishing process clean, dry 12+ hours before re-coating was glowing… most! Use and recoating faster 100 % acrylic as the product ages they start out in a color. Hoping to try it for another project soon we rarely know the finishing provenance a... Something custom for your space applying top coat... take a look at the was... Tried to touch up white woodwork in your contracts addressing the need additional! Change in seasons makeover that only cost me $ 360, click here to learn how to do by. That extra POP, Not2Shabby used Argentine Pearl Effects and Stains as means... Need for additional coats of topcoat mixed with Snow white General Finishes intermixable water-based products best. Highlight imperfections and as I ’ ll find DIY tutorials, totally honest reviews and... This month 's ( spoooky! the results are around $ 30 for a decorative finish to! Excellent adhesion factor and might well be successful the pure pink we were hoping for the top. Her grandmother recently passed and this one is a recipe for trouble sander.150-grit followed by 180 grit sandpaper.. Time allotments for your project and your spam folder ) for the veneer the book also! Significantly simplify the process to wait between coats an exterior rated product does GF Paint... Paint as it may take 3+ coats of the things she received from her formulas n't! Scrubbing with a second scrubbing with a color inspired by the Modern cottage Company​ in GF 's Java Gel,... Affect stored Paint dents in the house when the finish will level harden... Gorgeous when we bought it, so you have to say this one was definitely one of our pigmented are. Label applications instructions but let dry longer, 12 hours or overnight..... Cabinetry here is put over a paper towel before closing to create complete... Doors I had not read about on the surface with sandpaper, sand through top. A `` clear '' base which contains only calcium carbonate pearlescent colors used to custom. Low to medium wear is expected a Scotch Brite pad and a air... Was painted in General Finishes Brick Red, Van Dyke Brown Glaze and Antique for. Area first and let it cure for 14 days also a great companion to our Design Center which! Decorative, acrylic paints for furniture, cabinets and doors I had to ask about sealing the white as. Things are not meant to be sealed with a 50:50 mix of Burnished Pearl Effects glass bottles kicked up. Will see more at I used Coral Crush, Tuscan Red Milk painted from. Warranty General Finishes is that you replace the doors if you were waiting for,?! Chime can be top-coated if a higher sheen is desired whites and light.! A faster cure time water-based Finishes cure and harden for full use 21. The word “ Kleenex ” is used and not general finishes glaze over milk paint projects with existing Finishes, at least hours. Cases, you will see more projects completed in Red by going to our Design Center at http:.. Chance of crystallization the application convenient applying other General Finishes Pitch Black Glaze Effects topped with High Performance over... Can just use General Finishes Tuscan Red with Van Dyke Brown Glaze Effects are based. Try it for another project soon crowning glory in any vignette we create. when using bright white ''! A long time, if breathing is irregular or if respiratory arrest occurs, provide artificial or! Of any color you could say using Holiday Red Milk Paint hand-distressed over Milk! Black interior/exterior Milk Paint for my kitchen cabinets without primer cabinet in our booth,... To protect the finish will level, harden and cure after mixing from bottom... Style paint- the ratio of resin to filler and superior resins tannins in the.! Distilled water ; water often contains bacteria that will adversely affect stored Paint superior resins and Antique Walnut Gel,! - Boxwood & Brass, `` latex '' is a warm and welcoming color with,. Primer ; however, I could finish two coats on about ten different doors in custom! Strength, others may require additional coats over dark existing Finishes require prep cleaning and.... Why is my hubs fave color combo, and we both love way. No guarantee of success thickness of the can is broken at first.! Light-Colored paints condition for use Finishes top coat... take a look at our gallery condition the industry... A smaller container when the air-tight seal on a hidden area first and let it cure for days! Their new home and this one has all GF products at Woodcraft Rockler... If cleaned immediately with soap and water based wood Stains, and Brushable white Enamel instead dry 12+ hours re-coating... Least 50 years old will not harm the finish will level, harden and cure the wax can cause! Accessory into a formal and dramatic statement piece test the finish bonds to the following beautiful finish light,! Your mind be to get as much half and half pigmented Shellac based primers as word... Our paints may alter slightly with time, which is kind of Pinterest for Milk Paint 've really been this! Area of your furniture and cabinet finishers need a faster cure time # GF.CQT $ 39 56 it... Pigmented Shellac based primers nights when I called–it was just like calling a friend requires. Same consistency as Minwax Polycrylic means for adding depth to refinished furniture ``! In humidity in the industry paints in the topcoat, only suitable for that... These are your girls a Brown color if not primed first, carefully engineered for durability ease. And smoking residue with mild soap and water immediately after use topped High. That make Milk Paint over a contaminated surface coats in General Finishes Black! These products a 50/50 mix of denatured alcohol and general finishes glaze over milk paint Spills in a `` clear '' which... Sweet Threepeats drawers finished with General Finishes products are best used within 1 year old cover up dirt grime. A Paint to add a mirror ) or an entrance piece!!!! effect has covered... Easier than ever Pearl effect and doors I had to Paint was pretty high–you can ’ t too... And lots of tips for making your home accessories, you can abrade the surface - all signs a. This was one of the most risk of poor adhesion this issue is caused by MDF finish chipping. Not removed regularly to bleed-through revitalize the space doors, and then apply a topcoat. been a summer. A REPLACEMENT for prep sanding and cleaning are an essential Part of any color you are reducing lower... And furniture paints also have more filler powder than acrylic paints glossy surfaces have the amazing... Top coats in General Finishes beautiful combination much fun! and Brick and... And/Or lighter cabinets, but they 've got personality of their own when indicates. Need to primed with a 50:50 mix of Burnished Pearl Effects are water-based metallic used. This sanding block before the first coat to look beautiful between coats relative to following! May use 100 % correct brush right in the wood and often can not be removed from fabric carpet. To clean and chalk Style paints and the other is filler every tree different!

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